Wed, 05 October 2022


version 1.5.38 (july 2015)

  • Improved CUE parser (more CUE files are detected) (detailed info: CUE sheets processing)
    • File reference inside CUE is ignored
    • CUE file is read automatically when its prefix matches track file name and is not case sensitive
      (until now: aaa.flac needed aaa.cue, now: aaa.flac accepts also aAa*.cuE, and advanced scenarios))
  • Improved images finder (more images and folders are analyzed) (detailed info: Search for artwork images)
    • Front cover preference can be set
    • Advanced search parameters added
  • Improved subtracks playback and volume control in specific situations
    • Seamless playback when switching to the next subtrack
    • Fixed mute until seek to position is finished
  • Lyrics are always saved in unicode
  • Loading and saving database progress bar
  • Custom title on artwork window
  • Multiple display devices support (correct alignment and positioning of windows)
  • Fixed special unicode characters reading which caused unwanted line breaks and database read failure (rare cases)
  • File path longer than 260 characters error message in database update log
  • Bugfixing

Note: New changes apply to Classic version only.

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