Wed, 05 October 2022



Totalamp Mini (FREE)

  • database maximum limit of 3000 files
  • limited CUE parser
  • no latest version
  • no artwork window
  • no lyrics editor
  • limited UI options (hidden controls, disabled controls)
  • limited number of tabs, objects and windows
  • subtracks playback limitations

Totalamp Classic



  • Totalamp Classic installation file can be downloaded immediately after purchase. Your license file will be sent by email.
  • After you receive and apply the license file (totalamp.key), there are no limitations.
  • If invalid license file is present or the file is missing, database update is limited to 10000 files.

Version updates

You are entitled to obtain Totalamp Classic updates within 2 years after the purchase. We will send you instructions by email after an update is released.


How to install Totalamp

How to apply your license

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